Tuesday, July 19, 2011

They're at it again

Looks like FAMCO/Community Car Service/Late Night Academy/American Sales Academy/A & S Automotive/ A R S Auto Repair/ Car Care Program and whatever the hell they are called a this moment are doing the craigslist thing again. I looked again and at this very moment they are called American Sales Inc.

My mission is to warn people of scams locally and on the internet. I've had some hatemail from FAMCO and their employees about this website and have been accused of lying and or giving biased opinions. I admit, yes, I am biased. I was employed with the company for a short time and eventually quit because every night when I went home some of their practices left a bad taste in my mouth and I felt bad for the shop owners and the customers who had to endure some consequences regarding their decisions. I cant do anything about the past, but what I can do is provide legitimate information. If you have a link praising FAMCO then feel free to post it. However the links I provide you speak for themselves.

I know its been over a year since there has been a post. Things have been quiet and I assumed that the company went out of business after they left their last building but I suppose I was wrong.

While browsing Craigslist today I ran into this ad:

Local Auto Reapir Shop Offering $10 oil changes for 2 years!!!* (More info)

The ad on Craigslist didn't last very long, it appears that the ad has been flagged. The guy who wrote the post is named Sky Grady. In other posts from the past, I talk about how some people in that company have a criminal record. I ran a criminal background check on the guy and get this: I speak the truth. It looks like he had several theft charges in 2008. I am not one to judge but would you want to let this guy who has theft charges in your home? I know I wouldn't. I have blacked out the young man's date of birth.

I also ran a report on Lewis Thayer. AKA Wayne Thayer. I didn't find very much on him just a DUI.


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