Sunday, September 21, 2008

While looking for craigslist I saw this add that I thought sounded familiar. When I clicked on the link I was horrified at what I found. I want to warn everybody-watch out for this company "MSI" aka "First American Marketing Corp" aka "American Guitar Academy" aka "Community Car Service" etc.

I know this company very well and I would like to warn everyone of the harsh truth of the 20 Day Gig. For unsuspecting people looking to start a new life, this video may sound convincing. Hell this guy Wayne is telling you that you can make hundreds of dollars a day and that they will give you a place to live etc.

First American Marketing Corp is owned by "Wayne" Aka "Lewis Thayer", Aka "Jack Lewis", Aka "Screwy Lewie" and the vice president is Michelle Rieche. They are a one trick pony. They try to sell a service other then a good. They don't have any inventory, they do not have any services, all they do is oversell coupons that creates a high toll on the auto shoppe owner that they are so called "promoting." They send in a cute saleswoman in a flashy short dress to talk to them into signing a contract for promotions. Of course at that point the shop owner has no idea what he is getting himself into. All of a sudden BOOM it hits. The shop owner has been PWNED!

First off check them out here with the better business bureau: \

Notice how this company is listed under Community Car Service and not MSI or FAMCO? Well this should be the first clue to shadiness. They are not doing business under their legal entity because look at their complaints and feedback.

Community Car Service has a bad rep because of: "General consumer complaints (other than Lemon Law/Auto Warranty) which includes, among others, misleading advertising, improper selling practices, and non-delivery of goods or services, complaints about nonprofit/charitable organizations and complaints about the misuse of personally identifiable information"

#1. Misleading Advertising- It was one former employees point of view that the tickets were misleading because the customer thought that they could redeem those goods and services at anytime, whereas the shoppes point of view is that these goods and services needed a prior appointment of 2 weeks in order to juggle their paying customers alongside FAMCO's promotional customers. Some areas would be oversold buy the hundreds thus creating an influx of non paying customers in their shoppe. This of course would put a hostile enviromnent between the shoppes and the promotional customers. Therefore the customers felt like they could not receive the services paid for.

#2. Improper Selling Practices- This is so common with this company. You have no idea.
This company represents themselves as a christian organization which is complete BULLISH! They post ad's on craigslist targeting those who are homeless or have drug addictions promising these folks that if they work for FAMCO, their whole life could change for the better. FAMCO does offer temporary housing which is called the "Barracks" that they charge like $12.50 a night for. Pretty much what it is is empty office space where some of the employees live. Mind you that these employees are only allowed to have FAMCO APPROVED reading materials and videos. They have a curfew. Almost every aspect of their life is controlled by Wayne and Michelle. I would compare it to living in a run down homeless shelter without the porn. They think that they can teach these drug addicts and bums to make an honest living knocking on doors and selling their crappy marketed material.
Now, you would think that a good, honest company would teach their employees how to sell honestly. WRONG! As with any kind of business sometimes the sale of an item is fabricated. There are laws that must be followed if you are selling something door to door. Like one example that if you are selling a product door to door $25.00 or more you MUST provide a phone number or contact information just in case the consumer changes their mind. CCS did not feel that they had to follow those regulations because if they did, they would be digging their own graves once the customer found out that they had to wait at least 2 weeks to redeem the coupons.

#3. Nondelivery of goods or Services- Businesses complained that they only discovered that the company had sold more vouchers than was agreed upon when large numbers of consumers arrived with coupons that the businesses couldn't afford to redeem. The shops also complained that the coupons featured services that they didn't provide such as oil changes. So how can the shop honor them when they don't have the means to do so?

#4. Complaints about nonprofit orgs- Let me empathize this...they claim to be a Christian Organization. They ARE NOT A NONPROFIT! They boast about how they help people who are coming off the streets and drugs it is not true!

#5. Complaints about the misuse of identifiable information- Well CCS is hiring bums and drug addicts off the streets. Its pretty common to have your credit card information stolen by one of the employees. Your credit card info is not protected!

Make sure you check with the District Attorney:

"Not only did this company ignore an official CID from the Oregon Department of Justice but it also ignored a court order to appear and explain itself,” Myers said. “Additionally, in the name of cooperation, we granted them two extensions only to be chastised for supposedly ‘wasting valuable company resources’ with the request. In light of this obstinance, we can only conclude that they have something to hide.”

Myers’ Financial Fraud/Consumer Protection Section received 17 complaints against the company alleging misleading promotion of a coupon book published and marketed by FAMC in conjunction with several Oregon repair shops. For $79.95, consumers purchased a “Community Car Service Car Care Program” voucher that was good for “free” services such as eight oil changes and various other services including a transmission performance analysis and brake adjustment and inspection.

In the complaints, consumers alleged that the salespersons misled them about the hours the service shops were open and the nature of the services. The company also failed to comply with both state and federal laws requiring them to give consumers written notice of the right to a three-day rescission period for goods purchased at their homes for more than $25.00."

Now tell me, do you really want to work for these people who claim to be "Christians?" I advise the community to do your research before you take on a job with them.

Helpful links:

"It is important that Oregonians who did business with this company and filed complaints against it understand that in order for the company to resume operations, it must comply with a long list of requirements," Myers said. "FAMC must pay restitution to some complainants, make changes in its operational procedures and comply with both state and federal laws. We intend to monitor future Oregon activities of this company to make sure it complies with all aspects of the agreement."

Known by most complaining consumers and businesses as Community Car Service, the company sold "car care program" vouchers, door-to-door to consumers, for $79.95. The vouchers were redeemable at specific auto repair shops and included a certain number of "free" oil changes and various other "free services" including a transmission performance analysis and brake adjustment and inspection. The auto repair shops featured on the vouchers were told by FAMC that its product was an effective marketing tool. Instead of receiving a portion of the voucher sales, the shops provided the "free" services and hoped the vouchers would generate future business.

Voucher purchasers complained that during the sales pitch, FAMC employees represented that they were from the repair shop when they were not and misled consumers about the services the shop would provide and during what hours. The salesperson's also failed to explain the consumers' rights to a three-day rescission period if they later decided they did not want the vouchers. Information on the three-day right of rescission, required under both state and federal law, was also not included in the voucher's written materials.


Anonymous said... about sour grapes! I'm guessing that you are a'disgruntled' former rep that didn't enjoy any success in your association with the company. It's sad and a bit disturbing. But you know what they say...there are 3 sides to every story. I honestly feel badly for you; to carry around so much barely pent-up animosity must be very hard on you. But seriously though, I guess it would be asking too much to expect someone in your position to present ALL of the facts instead of their own slanted, extremely biased point of view. I hope you eventually find a better, more constructive outlet for your mis-placed agression. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE CCS and the way they took care of my business in a VERY Professional manner. All the negitive comments about this FINE company is just hogwash. My car count has gone through the roof and I'm retaining about 45% of the people that come to my shop. Sounds like a disgruntled person spreading rumors? LOL!!

jazzz said...

Different Name, Same Company?

Anonymous said...

Are green expos the next scam?

Lewis Thayer, known to be involved in questionable business dealings is now getting into the world of green expos. According to web reports, the Department of Justice has shut him down, the Better Business Bureau gives his Community Car Care an ‘F’ rating and there are other websites that in detail talk about Thayer’s ‘shady business’.

Yet green companies are signing up with the Everything Green Oregon Expo. Look at the website and notice they are careful not to say who owns the festival. They do not even say how they are a green company. This looks bad and I am amazed that green companies are supporting this guy. Makes you question doing business with green companies that don’t care who they do business with.

Anonymous said...

The real motive behind this shady business site is very shady itself. It turns out that the guy that put the shady business site together is indeed a person that not only worked with ccs but decided to be a competitor violating his covenant not to compete. This business was gracefull enough to hire this guy after serving a 7 yearish sentence for bank robbery. Now he is trying to make people think this is really a consumer protection website. It turns out that the real shady business, THE REAL SCAM is This website itself. A heartfelt attempt by a convicted criminal to slander his former employer who taught him how to make a living for his family. Many people have questioned my wisdom for hiring second chance people. I beleive that people can make new choices and new decisions to move forward with integrity. I find it ironic that the guy who fabricated this site on one hand condemns us for hiring bums, drug addicts, drunks and losers. What about Bank robbers Nate Hood? Should we continue to give those guys a chance or should we learn that they are incapable of keeping their agreements and honoring the people who gave them a chance when nobody else would. I will continue giving people opportunities to succeed and I will continue to get burned by people like you. The reward is that some people do change and I will not let your example discourage me from giving a great opportunity to others. How much money have you earned for your family from stealing my clients and my business knowledge that I aquired over 20 years? Nate Hood, of Boise Idaho......Some day you may run into someone that is not such a good sport as I am. You may wake up and find posters of your name and your face plastered all over your community, your kids school, your church if you go, the employer of your wife, and any other great place, that let people know who you really are.....I will pray that this never happens to you. I am a Christian and I do beleive that God is the one who handles these type of situations. I will not be launching a slanderous attack on you Nate, but someday if you don't change your evil ways somebody might play by different rules than I do. I pray that your business and your family will prosper and that you would meet future business relationships with integrity. Does your wife know what a scoundrel you are?

Anonymous said...

My name is Nate Hood. I worked for First American Marketing Corportation (FAMCOR) during the Summer of 2005 and a couple months in 2006. In April 2006 I moved to Boise, Idaho. In response to Wayne Thayer's comments, I just want to say that I started selling door-to-door as a Cub Scout. In my teens I had a window washing business which I built going door-to-door, and I later sold pest control contracts door-to-door for Orkin. My skills as a door-to-door salesman were not learned from Wayne Thayer or FAMCOR, which is evident by the fact that in my first full month with the company I broke their company record for sales volume in a single month. And then I broke that record again the following month. I started my marketing company in late 2005 doing coupon advertising in the Salt Lake City area, during the Winter I wasn't working with FAMCOR. When I moved to Boise in 2006 I continued with the coupon advertising after I learned that Wayne Thayer had shut down his FAMCOR office in downtown Boise (in fact, nearly all of his offices have shut down). Wayne Thayer claims to run a legitimate business; however, he never registered FAMCOR in Idaho or Utah. He violated (and continues to violate) federal and state laws regarding door-to-door sales. His company has generated hundreds of thousand of dollars in revenue each year for many years, and paid "private contractors" (who are really employees by IRS standards) tens of thousands of dollars each year, all without providing 1099 forms to contractors or the IRS or state tax commissions. The clients he claims that I have stolen had all previously (except one) decided to NEVER do business with FAMCOR again after the horrible experience they had. The one company that did not quit working with FAMCOR is a client of both my company and FAMCOR to this day (as far as I know). And the most ridiculous part is how Wayne Thayer claims I am responsible for this website. A simple "WhoIs" search shows that's administrative contact is DNS Admin with Google Inc. Here are the facts: First American Marketing Corporation(aka "Community Car Service" and "CCS") has been shut down for unethical business practices. Many of CCS's previous clients were not happy with the way their promotions were run. Wayne Thayer attempts to discredit me with comments about a criminal history when he knows that half or more of his sales force have criminal backgrounds...and at least another quarter were homeless when he found them. I quit working with FAMCOR after commissions were cut significantly. Every time Wayne sends his salesmen out to Boise to sell I get phone calls from people who call the shop after not buying from questionable characters who knocked on their doors. THE SHOP GIVES THE CUSTOMERS MY NUMBER BECAUSE THEY PREFER TO SEND THE CUSTOMERS TO ME AND NOT FAMCOR. I am active in my church and community. I married a wonderful woman with four children, and we have since had a beautiful little girl together. In addition to owning Act On Marketing, I own Grundstuck Property Maintenance Company and a number of revenue generating websites. Perhaps Wayne would like to take credit for these successful business ventures as well. Wayne, you should have known when you first met me that I wasn't like the rest of your salesmen. Truth is, you're just mad that people are finding out what kind of company you're really running. Best of luck. And as for the non-compete agreement. Please send me a copy of it to P.O. Box 140513, Boise, Idaho 83714. And by the way, all of my companies are registered, licensed (where necessary), and insured in the states where we do business.

Anonymous said...

I was browsing the internet and came across this website. I am a former employee of FAMCORP/CCS or whatever they are called now.

I worked for the company for a little over a year. My job was not super terrible, the superiours of the company were super flexible and I got to work around my school schedule and that came in handy as a young college student. I'll admit that FAMCO has seen their fair share of trials and tribulations, good admins and sales people are hard to find and Wayne has been burned many times, but for a "Christian" ran company some things were just not right.

I dont really feel that the points of views when it comes to this blog writer are bias. I know for a fact that some allegings in the actual articles are true- some claims perhaps overexagerated. First off, if the Justice Department is putting warnings on their homepage that is a pretty serious thing. Things like Fire Dept Investigations, IRS Investigations and Attorney Generals Investigations just dont happen for no reason, purely out of random. There were many good reasons why the company was being investigated and they are some of the reasons that are listed in this users blog. I was working with FAMCO around the time that the whole A1 thing went down and that was not fun, but if I remember correctly refunds were given to essentially everybody.

As far as bums, yes the company did hire bums in an attempt to give them a second chance. (I never knew of any child molesters working for the company and I acutally ran some background checks.) I would not want to knock on peoples doors and sell FAMCO's product but if someone is homeless and coming off the street and wants to change their life, FAMCO maybe a good opportunity for the right person. In fact I would give that person propts for wanting to make a positive change in their life. Someone has to do the job nobody else wants to do!

I didnt agree with alot of things that happened, one was like what the recently deceased Madam Butterfly said in one of her postings (I know who she is after reading her writings-may her soul rest in peace) about the lack of the 72 hour remorse law not being on the printed product nor the customers being informed was not right and it was not moral. When we discovered this law, we approached our superiours with this and asked them to include this on the printed product. It took a while but the superiors complied with our request. But the bad part was that the name of the business was changing from FAMCO, to CCS, to the Late Night Academy, to the American Guitar Academy, Media Services International and the list could go on and on.

As an admin who at the time was very young, somewhat neive, yet talented I came to a point in my life where there was nowhere else I could move up in the company and my skills and talents were going to waste. I finished school and wanted to find a real job. I got lucky and landed a job at OHSU just before my 21st birthday. I planned on working limited PT for CCS but then after I gave my notice and that same day I was "fired" for allegidly stealing computer parts which was very untrue and I really fealt betrayed because a delusional, insane, co-worker who didnt like me made up that story and oddly enough my superiors believed that story without even asking me what really happened. I didnt really care because my first year at OHSU I made 40K, my year at FAMCO grossed me 12K so I had a major pay hike and my life completely changed for the better after I got the hell out of there.

The only positive thing I can say about FAMCO is that I built many lifelong friendships with people who worked with that company and that I am greatful for.

My best advice to anybody who is about to work or sign a contract with this company to do your homework. Just because a company claims they are a christian organization does not mean squat. Do your research before you do business, or take a job with any company. If you have any doubt trust your instincts.

Anonymous said...

In reading this sight I was absolutely shocked that such slander could be printed on the internet! I have known Wayne Lewis Thayer almost my whole life and have witnessed a man who has worked harder than any man I have ever known! He has, since he was a very young man, had an entrepreneurial spirit and has worked and sacrificed his whole adult life trying to build a successful business. Yes, he has tried and failed many times at different businesses throughout his young life due to lack of experience and financial support. It is extemely hard for small businesses starting out to actually make it. A very small percentage do. He has taken every experience and learned a great deal from them. All along the way I have seen him help more people than I can count to start their own small businesses and he does not think twice about giving advice and support even though his life is very busy. He loves people and God has given him a heart for helping others. I can very honestly say I do not know one other person who has gone so far out of his way to help all the people in his life, be it co-workers,salespeople,friends,family or strangers. He is a really good person and does not deserve to be slandered! But, as any business owner knows, It is part of the territory. One thing I know about Wayne is, he will never let the lies and negativity in life get him down. He has an amazing spirit and will keep on trying and helping others till the day he dies. That is just the way God made him and I feel so blessed to know him.

Anonymous said...

Wayne Thayer runs a GREAT company and his automotive marketing program has helped hundreds of shops stay in business in these tough economic times.

I have proof....Mark that down!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ive worked for Wayne and Michelle for over 3 years and its been great! I did live at the barracks and it allowed me to save the money to rent the home my family and I moved into. I have sold several thousand of these oil change packages and if there has ever been an issue we have fixed it on the spot. All my clients get my phone number so that they have an opportunity to renew or bitch about it. If your family isnt using this product for oil changes you are spending too much.

Anonymous said...

I know Wayne Thayer and have known him for several years - I have 26 years experience working with many if not all of the top 10 advertising agencies in the State of Oregon and many great agencies around the World - I can see that the promotion Wayne is putting on simply fulfills the first premis of good advertising and that is to get the customer over the threshold of the businesses door. In doing so that customer will very well come back if he is sadisfied with the business or sevice its a sound business ethic and it will work. I have no ax to grind and I am not an associate of Mr.Thayer - But some of these acusations are Crap - You have to wonder if the State of Oregon has any intrest in promoting any kind of business. Or if our officials are simply trying to justafy their 6 figure income. MB

Anonymous said...

I worked for the company for a while and almoST ALL of the negative feed back about them here is True. Wayne Lewis Thayer probably posted all of the possitive comments himself. Its sad how crooked and two faced they
are to their employees. Their christians though so they already know they reap what they sow.Good luck Thayer:)

Anonymous said...

I've got to say, I absolutely agree that all the positive comments are definitely Wayne. It's hilarious, this guy ropes people in with promises of jobs and good pay, but really all he does is give you something to occupy your time, there is no way to become successful working for this man, he pays you a bit and uses yor money to invest in his business, whether it's office supplies, jackets, travel, or anything else other than the cost of printing the card. Anyone who has had more than 3 years of experience with the guy is either not working for him, or scrambling to find a way not to. Oh, and he's a thief.

Steve White said...

I was stupid enough to loan Wayne $15,000.00 back in 2005 based upon a Promisory Note after working with FAMCORP for about 6 months; I had just received a large inheritance and wanted to help the poor unfortunates working for "Screwie Louie" I have yet to receive my money back, or a viable repayment plan (he offered me "Barter Dollars")Good luck with the prosecutors and the fire departments, Waynie and Michellie!

Anonymous said...

I worked for FAMCO for a year. I never heard about overselling coupons or selling for shops that don't actually do oil changes (and how many auto shops don't do oil changes?!?), although I did hear about the two-week waiting period. Yeah, that's a bit annoying, but the product was still valid. It was a great deal for customers. I was an admin and only went door-to-door a few times just for kicks, but I can say that all my paychecks went through and I never heard of anyone not getting paid for work they actually did or coupons they actually sold. Did Wayne comply with every law he was supposed to? Eh, I wouldn't be surprised either way. Those barracks, though, were stinky, surely against local ordinances, and he would hire literally ANYONE. That doesn't make him a bad guy. The guys in the barracks just needed to clean their dirty socks more often. It's not like anyone was ever forced to stay in those God-forsaken barracks. It wasn't trafficking. It was more like a well-intentioned Wayne and Michelle trying to redeem people who were just not ready to quit doing hard drugs or whatever their vice was. I think Wayne was just desperate to make a buck and be seen as this great savior for all these guys who were supposedly trying to avoid the streets. Honestly, Wayne would have actually had a successful business if he had just sold the coupons himself without the overhead of the office space and admins and without all the teenagers and junkies burning up sales territory. Wayne is slick, charismatic, good-looking, charming, and a HELLUVA salesman. Oh, and the cute girl in the short dress with the razzle dazzle? That's Wayne's daughter who was a teenager at the time. I wonder what ole' Wayne Lewis Thayer is up to these days...

Anonymous said...

I just cant believe what I've been reading on this website. I currently work for Wayne Thayer, not doing sales. And have nothing but positive things to say about the man. He may have had some issues in the past in regards to his business/es. But as a person, Wayne's character is nothing less than good hearted, caring, respectful, giving, selfless, and friendly. Regardless of all these horrible, negative, disgusting statements made about him, and his company have me awe struck. He has a smile on his face, and open arms to those in need everyday. He has integrity, and a big heart. There are not many people in our world, this day and age who would open their arms to those "less fortunate" and those who have dealt with addiction, commited crimes, and screwed their lives up. But Wayne does. He genuinly trys to find the good in people. Even after reading all the terrible things people have to say about him. Its sad that those of you who were unhappy in your positions, or lack of ability in sales find it nessacary to attempt to bad mouth, and try to ruin a mans business, and therefore his life. But Wayne knows, there are those of us who believe in him. And understand his vision. Wayne, you have a big heart. Please dont ever stop doing what you do to help people. Their are many people out there who appreciate what you do for them. I may not be a criminal, or someone who has screwed up my life. But I appreciate your generosity, and smile everyday! Thank you for being you. Keep your chin up. And just remember. There ARE good people out there who are on your side!

Anonymous said...

Just for the record... the girl in the short dress with the razzle dazzle was not his daughter.... Get your story straight if you're gonna tell it!

Anonymous said...

You are definately a very graceful man to put up with these former employees who were fired or let go for obvious reasons write such lies. You need to investigate Libel Laws. Printing untrue information about a person or business on the internet is serious business. A good internet investigation service can find the source of these comments in order for you to go forward with legal action. I know you have plenty of proof that these statements are untrue. Internet defamation and libel have become a very real problem in this day and age for individuals and businesses. New laws have been put in place to combat this problem. I would advise you to really investigate your legal rights. It is so very obvious that these are just a few disgruntled former salespeople that decided to take the low road instead of the high road when they were let go for what ever reasons. I have known you for a very long time and have had the honor of meeting many of the wonderful salespeople that have gone out there to do what is probably one of the hardest jobs there is. These men and women that have worked for this business come from all walks of life. They are not all homeless or criminals as this blog sight would have you believe. They are housewives, business owners, college students, construction workers, retired military, the list goes on and on. Just regular people in need of an income. I have so much respect for these salespeople. The majority of them are people who are out there growing, learning and working hard to better their lives. I also happen to know Michelle very well and she is an amazing woman who dedicated countless hours to training and mentoring salespeople. She always went above and beyond the call of duty when it came to helping someone in need. She is now a missionary in India. This is a woman who is doing more than most of us will do in a life time to help others and be a positive force on this earth.

As for this guy who wrote this sight sending you to all the negative information sights: Attorney General, better business, etc. There are so many businesses out there that have had to deal with these same issues. The Attorney General is just making sure businesses are dotting all their i's and crossing all their t's. Any business that is doing business is going to have a few customer complaints. This doesn't mean they are true or that the business is not honorable. Wayne has always had a customer line open and manned responding to any customer complaints which have been very few. Wayne Lewis Thayer has been in business for years and has many long time, very happy business owners that he does this promotion for. They and the customers like the very personalized advertising approach.

As for the man who wrote this sight commenting on Wayne using his first and middle name... That is a very common practice last I knew. Wayne Lewis Thayer is his birth name. Nothing unusual about that. He also loves music and has made a CD and uses a stage name Jack Lewis which is a very common practice among musicians. These things as well as the things written above have been completely distorted and mingled with so many lies. Wayne I know you didn't want me to give this sight any energy at all, and I also know you are a graceful man and that you forgave these people a long time ago. But trueth should be told where it is due.

Anonymous said...

They are at it again under the name America's Best Car Care Plan. Beware.

Anonymous said...

One thing I wonder as I look through this site is why none of the positive comments are able to use entirely proper grammar. The positive comments also use a lot of personal criticism towards the other writers as though they were personally offended. The positive comments also use a bunch of older language as though hey were all written by an older writer though there are obvious attempts to underwrite that act such as LOL!! There is also a slanting towards elating Wayne as if all of the writers were so very attached to him. There are also claims of proof that are never backed down. There are also blatant claims of how awesome their client is as though the writers meant to further the brand. I also most notice as a writer that most [but not] all of the positive comments have the same voice to them. It is odd that they are so consistent at claiming this is all disgruntled former employees. You'd think at least one of the positive comments would reflect the fact that there was a quote to an article written by a potential customer.t as though that article was ignored with reason almost. And also two years of sales experience tells me that most companies are not investigated by any of those organizations. I also agree, Wayne hires people as independent contractors and treats them as employees when all of the tax cuts he gets for doing so are belittled by actually running a green work place. It makes me wonder if there is another reason for him to do so.

Josh Corey said...

Groupon and several similar sites are offering "deals" by "America's best car care plan" - there was a comment that this is the new name being used by this business, can anyone verify? This is about the only reference I can find online to this business

Anonymous said...

Yes, they are now using America's best car care plan on Groupon and other similar sites. Please be aware but also know he, as well as his employees, are trying to support their families. Yes, they have one too.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

wow I have never seen such horrible reviews on such an honest appearing man. I know from experience that a lot of the allegations are true. In the beginning I held Wayne in high regard and thought of him as a good man. Until I saw the truth. America's Best Car Care Plan is the new name of the company and they are located in Chehalis, Wa and still skirting the law in Oregon while they continue to do business there the same way they always have. Nate thanks for telling the public the truth about Wayne they need to hear it.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I am a current enployee of mr. And I emphasize MR. Thayer and I'm not all that. Elegant in my verbage so let's just say that all the bad mouthing of MR. Thayer as far as this man is concerned can be met with the good ole four nuckle shuffle if you catch my drift.... that is specifically meant for the people bad mouthing MR Thayer .... so let your mouth spew those slanders whithin this mans ear shot and see what happens! Idol threat? I don't think so .... and I'm in centtralia washinhgton my number is 3608274753 peace outgirl scouts the former enployee that claims he didn't steal the buisness formats of MR Thayer sounds like a real up lil girl...if you did something than owwn up to it otherwise stay a coward.... :-)

Anonymous said...

We see you haters .....employee of one Wayne Lewis Thayer says come around me talking all that smack and you'll learn about the four nuckle shuffle... ya'll need to grow up...and I am a Christian and God would forgive me for sticking up for our's even if I went about it the wrong way ....

kewlclick said...

Let me jump in here punks....

kewlclick said...

And if you're posting without your name you're a punk and a coward.

First off, learn how to write. Seriously? If you cannot manage to string a few words together into a grammatically correct sentence, at least have the decency to use spell check.

Secondly, I am not a friend of Wayne's. I do not talk to the man. But I respect him, because he has earned that from me. I would wager some of you owe the man a little respect as well. The fact that you post your accusations anonymously indicates as much. A righteous man makes his accusations publicly and signs his name to said accusation. The accused has the right to face his accuser. These are fundamental rights. Perhaps you should read your country's constitution. Although, based on my observation of your writing skills, and I am speaking of a collective assessment of the contributors, the majority of you would benefit nothing from such an exercise. I digress, the last conversation I had with him was in 2007. It was a painful phone conversation in which Wayne was correctly accusing me of stealing his business model. But that is not what I am writing about. Moreover, let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

Business name changes? That makes Wayne and Michelle criminals? Changing a business's name is a common occurrence. It is primarily a marketing function called differentiation, morons. Utilizing that logic Century Link must be full of devious criminals. Any idea how many name changes that organization has been through? Anyone? Changing the business name is not a crime nor is it evidence of a crime. Counsel, if that is all you have, case dismissed.

Failure to provide notice of right to cancel. Violation of title 15 U.S.C. Wow, you got him! KNow who else has recently been found in violation of title 15? Whole Foods, Domino's Pizza, Disney.... There is a myriad of regulations businesses are expected to comply with. FAMCO never employed a compliance specialist, but the above listed companies did. And they couldn't navigate the regulatory minefield without setting off a few mines. I cannot imagine how indignant you must feel now. Indignant? Google it.

Putting shops out of business; I am not inclined to deliver a marketing lesson in this forum. To state it in the simplest terms, the program is a loss leader. By design, it cost the shop money. The impetus is on the shop to convert the customer to a paying customer. That is the shop's conversion rate. When a shop engages in a loss leader promotion and does not maintain a conversion rate at or above the promotion expenditure percentage (cr=c) it will lose money. Look, the harsh reality in business is that organizations that lack the skill or competence to manage exposure to risk are going to go out of business. Wayne can not be expected to evaluate the business acumen of his clients nor should he. This is capitalism, not preschool. If you are not qualified in certain business processes through education, experience or some combination thereof and you are a business owner you need to buy the knowledge e.g. employ someone with the knowledge or you are simply exposing your organization to risk. In layman's terms risk means something that will put you out of business, like a loss leader you did not have the skill to manage or perhaps the title 15 code violation your employee just committed.

Matter of character; perhaps some of you should look in the mirror and ask, "who is lacking character in this exchange?" Wayne's name is on the marquee. He's not hiding from anyone. I'm looking at a CCS card form K&S on my desk as I type this. 2005, FIRST AMERICAN MARKETING CORPORATION. It's some of you who are hiding, punks..., cowards, slinging accusations from anonymous pulpits.

kewlclick said...

Hiring Practices. Consumer background data, the acquisition and use of it for employment selection, promotion and retention is also covered by title 15 U.S.C. specifically the (FCRA) Fair Credit Reporting Act. Businesses that violate the (FCRA) are subject to criminal proceedings, actual and punitive damages and civil liability. In light of that, if I were a business’s owner I would never check a background of any employee unless it was required by statute. Again, here is that RISK element again. I say this because the decision to employ candidates with arrests or convictions in their background is a moot point. Where public safety is a concern it is the obligation of the legislature and the agency to provide the administrative rules to guide businesses in the hiring of these candidates. I can relate one example of Wayne employing a person with a conviction in their background, because I was the employee.

When Wayne hired me I was less than two weeks released from federal prison. Prior to this release my longest stretch out of prison had been 8 months dating back nearly ten years. My criminal history was disclosed when I was hired. Why would Wayne hire me, you may ask? Again, to contradict your conclusion, indeed the anonymous author's of this forum have leapt to an astonishing number of erroneous conclusions; because I was under federal supervision. Look morons, when a business hires these ex felons the business relies on the releasing authorities judgment and the courts' or corrections' department supervision. I was subject to DAILY drug tests, I reported in person to the federal building monthly for a supervisory interview, the federal supervision officer and Wayne were in personal contact with one another and I was routinely visited at home and at work by supervisory law enforcement. Wayne is a businessman, the proposition was a win-win for him. Either I am a productive law abiding employee or I am returned to custody.

An interesting correlation; Wayne hired me, gave me some CD's and literature through which I discovered other authors and philosophies. Even though I had a history of consistent recidivism and the probability was that I would be returned to custody, I did not. I was released from prison on December 3, 2003. I have not been back since. I have discharged parole and that part of my life is now a marginal part of my identity. I have an A.A. in General Studies from Strayer University (June 2009) Magna Cum Laude 3.76 GPA and an A.A.C.S.B. Accredited Minor in Business and Entrepreneurship from Oregon State University (January 2011). Funny thing is that the only variable I can identify in that critical period of time, the 1-24 months after release from custody when an individual is most at risk for returning to custody, was that I was working for Wayne. Interesting correlation....

Darrell Longwell said...

My name is Darrell Longwell. I had done 14 years in prison when i met Wayne, Michelle and Brad Royer. I had 37 applications out in the work field and not one reply. Wayne and company gave me a chance, and NEVER, not once did i betray that trust. Over the years working with this company i accrued social skill's, self esteem and provided for my family. They supported me to be a better man and quite frankly believed in me ...even when i did not. I have not worked nor spoke to these folk's in years, yet, in large part they are why and how i broke the recidivism cycle. As far as the product sold I personally have read numerous letters from business owners thanking Wayne for saving their business... and customers got affordable preventive maintenance from ASE certified technicians, and i and Waynes company put some coins in our coffers...WIN...WIN...WIN! As a matter of fact Anonymous WINDOW LICKER The company also has a "TRY IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT" purchasing option Where a customer can void a check... set a appointment...get the service...and if ANYTHING promised fail's, cancel the check. God Bless this Family of a company...and "not so" anonymous...people like you are wearing out my esophageal lining from having to choke down the bile you create!!!