Wednesday, September 24, 2008

CCS Scams Customer

I have been doing some more digging and found another article regarding CCS (I did not write it just found it:)

"A little over a year ago, I purchased a "car care program" from a door to door salesman named Darrell. He looked like a wanna-be NASCAR driver, wearing a jacket plastered with different auto part sponsors. Darrell worked for an outfit called Community Car Service (CCS), and told me for $79.95 I would get a card good for 8 oil changes plus a whole bunch of other freebies (tire rotations, engine inspections, 2 DEQ inspections, 2 hours of free labor, etc) from the local shop in my neighborhood. It felt scammy, but I decided to buy it because the risk seemed worth the reward (10 bucks per oil change plus the other stuff), and I was paying cash.

A few days later, I went to my local shop for my first oil change. The owner was great and honored the "car care program" I had purchased from CCS, so I became an instant customer. I went back a second time and got the same service, and paid nothing for my second oil change. I also paid for additional work to be done on my car.

Everything was working out great until this morning. I went in for an oil change to find the shop had been sold to a new owner who no longer honored the "car care program." The new owner said the guy before him lost everything because of CCS and went bankrupt. He also told me that he had tried to contact Community Car Service on more than one occasion for a list of customers who had purchased the "car care program," but that they were on the move (relocating in different places around the area) and wouldn't return his calls or stop by his shop. When I went to look up the CCS website, which worked back when I purchased the program, I was greeted with a notice that their site was "temporarily unavailable."

To make a long story short, I'm not aware of the terms of the agreement the previous owner made when he hopped in the sack with CCS, but it was clearly a poor business decision. He only has himself to blame. But that doesn't change the fact that CCS is sketchy company who sells their "service" and moves on, leaving auto shop owners in the lurch and customers not getting what they paid for. Knowing what I know now, I would NEVER buy anything from them, and neither should you."


Madam Butterfly with a Whip said...

This company professes to be of Christian morals and principals. After working with them for over a year I came to the conclusion that Wayne and his company CCS was nothing but a public ripoff.

Having worked for them, and having to deal with customer relations and all of the unhappy and unsatisfied customers made me guilty for doing my job. I used to have to reason with and explain to them that they should of read the Terms and Conditions on the card even though Oregon has a 3 day days buyers recession (remorse) law which must consumers dont know about. If CCS was legit they would have had no issues returning peoples hard earned money to them.

The owners of the Auto Garages who CCS sells advertising to, the majority of them have lost their business due to the fact that CCS sends out multitudes of sales people and will completely swamp the area for one automotive shop. Consequently because of this the owner of the automotive shop ends up footing the huge bill not only for the advertising, but a PAINFUL amount of money for the automotive supplies (IE Oil, Oil Filters, Radiator Flush, Time & Labor etc.)

It is my opinion that CCS is nothing more then a con job.

In regards to the Salespeople; the majority of them are decent, hardworking people. However CCS has had their fair share of rapists, child molesters, thieves and drug addicts working for them and these people would go into other folks private homes to sell the CCS car care package. Now tell me, do you want to let a drug addict into your home? I don't think so.

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jazz said...

I think these guys are now trying to produce a Green Festival. I am shocked at what I have read on your blog.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many people will take the time to learn both sides of the a consultant I have also worked very closely with CCS and Wayne as well as the other directors; I have handled a lot of customer interaction with unhappy consumers, just as 'Madam Butterfly with a Whip'. I suspect that many customer service agents for the cell phone companies come to feel the way that she does; the assumption is that the MAJORITY of customers are unhappy, which is simply untrue. Even more disturbing to me is the comment made that the majority of CCS clients have 'lost their businesses' due to the program. This is a blatant lie; there have been businesses involved in the program that have closed; their are 100's more that HAVE NEVER USED THE CCS PROGRAM that have likewise gone out of business and have only advertised in the Yellow Pages or not at all. On the other hand, there are dozens of business that have seen AND CONTINUE TO THIS DAY to see very positive results from the program.
This person also talks about the 'huge bill' for advertising that these shops bear; all this remark does is lays bare the level of ignorance that this individual is speaking from.
At any rate...I felt it necessary to share a bit of the 'other side of the coin'. There will always be haters...for any idea, product, service or organization. Fortunately, they are the minority...unfortunately they are also usually the most vocal, as this site plainly shows. As for the author, talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

Anonymous said...

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Harry said...

Consumers have to be careful. Dealer services are often extortionate, which leaves the attraction of temptation on the other end of the scale. I've recently booked a Car Service London with Prestige who have serviced over 35,000 vehicles and can still offer up to 60% off dealer prices.

Auto said...

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Sky VIP Grady said...

I have been working with CCS off and on for over a decade and after selling thousands of cards personally and seeing people use them happily for years I am full aware of the benefits. I agree we have been working on getting back to people and some shops in the earlier part of our promotions missunderstood how the program works. I am very happy to say now we maintain regular contact with our shops and I would like to offer my email for anyone with a legitimate complaint so I am able to make it up to you! This product is what it is. Honest Car savings! Why have we only received 17 complaints out of tens of thousands of cards sold??? Because it is legit! Why are we still in business??? Same reason, people want to support a local shop and save money...

Beware of Shady Businesses said...
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Anonymous said...

I have worked for shops that have used the CCS program. I know personally how flawed the program is. From a ccs card salesmen getting hit in the face because he was pushing fora sale WAY to hard (at a 7-eleven), to another coming to someones back door at nine at night. Shady is an understatement.
Then there is the issue of the bottom feeders that buy the card and abuse the program. Folks thinking that the eighty dollars they spent gives them a free pass to get their car worked owners beware. We would get this ALOT, "I have a ccs card with two hours of FREE labor, can I bring in my own part and have you install it", when you inform them of the details (the fine print that that SKY GRADY didn't mention) they are less than happy.
It's a shitty program that gets you even shittier customers, ask the Portland area meineke franchise leaders how it worked for them...oh wait they are bankrupt.

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